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Testimonial #1

We purchased our MF 5455 from TRC Tractors Feilding approximately eight months ago now and we are rapt with it. The MF 5455 is not the cheapest tractor on the market but I do feel that it is the best value for money for many reasons. The transmission is so easy to operate, I can put a townie in there and they can pick it up easily. I had a neighbour in it the other day and his first comment was” I could drive that all day”. I can’t see a problem getting some one to drive it while I am away.

I just can’t get over how quiet the motor is. Even when you are out of the cab.

We have a Stoll S/L loader on it, and we do a lot of pellet work loading and unloading the “Combi Clamp” sheep handlers that we market. The 5455 is quite nimble around the yard as it doubles as a forklift. It has far to much horse power for the Combi Clamp yard, so we do let it loose on a 140hp Celli Pioneer Rotary Hoe with a pre-ripper as well. The 5455 just loves it. I had to totally bury the hoe to make it grunt. All our other ground work equipment is easily handled by the 5455.

Moving from a ten year old tractor of a lesser brand was a big bit as far as the trade went, but it is well worth it. You have to spoil yourself at some stage. I would never go back.

When I was looking for a tractor, I was also looking for a good company I could communicate with in the future should the need arise. I tell you what, if you don’t click with the salesman, you can bet I don’t buy his tractor. TRC has been great to us, with good contact since the purchase. Three months ago when we brought that 140hp Pioneer Celli Hoe off them with the pre-ripper, they had the best price as well.

The people behind the business make the business work. I am writing this testimonial as a thank you to the team at TRC Tractors.

Wayne Coffey

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Testimonial #2

MF 5420 is Manawatu contractor’s mobile office

Fielding farmer-contractor Paul Le Quesne provides a full range of services in the Manawatu including cultivation, hay and baleage. Paul is a man who understands horsepower. Not only does he depend on his tractors to earn his living, he also has seven Quarter horses. “It’s something the whole family is tied up with – that and contracting. We do Western riding and we used to have a stud. We still train them, and we still have to work harder in the tractor seat to pay the bills for the horses.” He has another 82 horsepower tied up in his Massey Ferguson 5420. He says it was the ideal machine because it has the horsepower-to-ground power ratio he needs, and is very manoeuvrable. Paul bought the MF 5420 two years ago from TRC Tractors in Fielding.

“The TRC sales people know their stuff and it was really the salesman who made my mind up. I was looking at others; but rolled in there. He looked at my old tractor and a deal was done.” The technicians also know their stuff. “We had a couple of minor teething issues, and it was a phone call and the service man was out there, and sorted. No waiting around.” With his new tractor, Paul is coming in from the cold. “I needed to update. I’m to old for an open cab and this one came with hands-free for the cellphone already fitted. It’s a godsend, as it’s also my office.” It’s a comfortable office with great views over the Manawatu. “It has a suspended seat with plenty of leg room. I'm not short – about six-foot – and the dog, a Dachshund, is in there too.” Paul says all the controls are very well placed for easy access. It is also a stable mobile office. “The traction on hills is good too. I'm not worried about falling off hills but the salesman was going white.”

It has excellent visibility for swapping buckets and forks on the loader, or for stacking hay or baleage. The MF 5420 has Dyna-4 transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears. Changing gears is as complicated as pushing a button. It has creeper gears down to 0.6kph. Paul doesn't use the creeper gears often but they are handy when needed. The tractor’s powered by a four cylinder, 4.4liter Perkins engine and tows everything Paul needs, including: a 2.8m bar mower, 3.0m power harrows and 3.2m tandem discs. “It flies in. The salesman was a bit bamboozled. He thought it wouldn’t drive the power harrows but I took him through a paddock and it was easy.” Paul’s MF 5420 has a loader that is powerful enough to lift one tonne bags of fertiliser, and with no counter balance at the back end. It has no trouble lifting baleage or carting metal. Road speed is 40kph and Paul says it’s more fuel-efficient than any other tractor he’s had over the years. Paul is very pleased the TRC salesman convinced him to choose the 5420. “I like everything about the whole machine. I'm very pleased I got that one.”

Paul Le Quesne.

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Testimonial #3

Great performance and great service keep family driving red tractors

Colin Anderson’s first Massey Ferguson was bought new in 1973 by his father-in-law. It’s a MF 168 and still going. “We can’t wear it out,” says Colin. “We’ve always had Massey Ferguson and they've always gone well.” Colin says another motive for sticking with the red tractors is local salesman, Peter Detmar. Peter works for TRC Tractors in Fielding. In September he sold Colin and his son Tony a Massey Ferguson 5440. Tony is the main driver so now another generation appreciates Massey Ferguson. “Peter’s a good guy to deal with,” Colin says. “He does that extra bit for you. He tells us to ring him if there’s a problem, and he’ll come out. He knows how the tractors operate, knows how to sort the small problems and doesn't mind getting dirty. “He even came up and helped us set up our new plough and it wasn’t from their company. That was beyond the call of duty.”

Colin and Tony Anderson have a 441ha farm called Tawadale in Woodville, Manawatu. They run 2400 Perendale ewes and have a South Suffolk stud. “My father-in-law started the stud in 1960 and it’s one of the oldest in New Zealand. We also run 70 Hereford/Angus beef cows and keep calves until they're rising two-year-olds.” There are a few flats around the house, where the Andersons grow kale to finish lambs but the rest is steep hill country. It’s the type of country where you need a real tractor. Their previous Massey Ferguson was a MF 4245. They traded in for the new one and in the process moved up from 90hp to 102hp. “The 4245 was doing the job but it was getting older and the tyres were worn down. Instead of putting on new tyres and getting it over-hauled, we bought a new tractor so we don't have to worry about it for a few years. “Generally the layout and cab is pretty much the same, other than electronic hydraulics and different gears. We told Peter we didn't want a great, heavy tractor as we’ve some steep, narrow tracks, and he told us this is what we wanted. He was right. It does what we want and it isn't too big.” The MF 5440 has proven to be very stable on hills and has more than enough power and traction.

“When we’re fencing we bulldoze the line, then go in with the tractor and drive the fence posts in,” Colin says. They also have a three-furrow plough they pull up and down hills, and the MF 5440 does it without breaking a sweat. It does all the cultivation for the annual crop, pulling the plough, discs and finally the planter. It also does all the mowing for hay before a contractor bales it. The MF 5440 has a Dyna-4 transmission with four gears in four ranges and no clutch required.

“This is a big improvement on the old one which used a clutch and had a button for turtle and hare speeds. It had 24 gears but we never used them all. “This one has 16 and we use the full range. We do use the clutch when we’re using the loader for handling bales but we drive without it. This is superior.” Colin finds it useful for loader work because changing from forwards to reverse is just a flick of a lever on the steering column. Visibility from the cab has improved, with a sloping bonnet to see down low, and a clear line of sight up to the top of the loader. “It’s comfortable in the cab, and the seat is very good. There’s plenty of room and good air-conditioning.” Colin was also impressed with the technician from TRC Tractors who came out for the first service. “A bolt had come undone on the steps and he said it needed a washer and he’d post me one. I didn't think he’d remember, and it was the last I’d hear of it. But he did. It was a small thing but he remembered. That’s how good the service is.”

Colin Anderson

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Testimonial #4

User-friendly MF 5440 does it all for big sheep and beef station

The new Massey Ferguson 5440 tractor on Pukekaka Station in Taihape is making many jobs easier thanks to its versatility and simplicity.

Station manager Rob Stratton says the new MF 5440 was purchased last November for general use on the 1100-hectare sheep and beef property, which runs 5000 ewes, 1700 hoggets, 280 cows and 220 weaner cattle.

The tractor replaced an older Massey Ferguson model, although it was not a straight swap. Rob test drove a number of different tractors this before making his selection. The results were pretty clear, however.

“The Massey Ferguson was the simplest tractor to drive. It’s very user friendly. We put a post thumper on the back of it, we spray ground with it and we feed out with it. We do lots of basic work with it, and whatever we use it for, it’s good,” he says.

The 107hp MF 5440 was a larger machine than Rob initially wanted to buy. He was not looking for a bigger tractor because they don’t use it for any cropping at Pukekaka Station. The 25 hectares of winter crop they put in each year, is done by contractors.

“We just wanted a farm tractor but we wanted the sloping bonnet for better visibility,” he says. Massey Ferguson’s 5400 series tractors are renowned for their simplicity of operation, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The MF 5440 features the Dyna-4 transmission as standard. It offers four speeds on the go with less power loss. It also has the MF electronic linkage control and the excellent hydraulics ensures high lift capacities and oil flows to get the best performance from any equipment or implement.

With the introduction of the latest Tier III common rail and four-valve engines, the MF 5440 now benefits from some of the same features as the MF 6400 and 7400 models, including transport boost, which provides extra power and torque when the tractor is in third or fourth gear.

The MF 5440 fuel-efficient engine provide improved power and torque characteristics and lower fuel consumption. It offers outstanding pulling capacity and up-hill performance, and the ability to move heavier loads faster.

“It’s just a general farm tractor that we use for jobs like tidying up trees, grading tracks, cleaning out the sheep yards, fe eding out haylage, putting in water schemes and other general jobs around the farm. The gear system is good and I like the way the hydraulics are set up,” Rob says.

“It’s pretty simple and the sloping bonnet really improves what you can see out of the cab.” The new pivoting bonnet on the MF 5440 also allows improved access for regular maintenance of the air filter and radiators.

Rob drives the MF 5440 himself, along with a couple of other young workers employed on the property. He says while any tractor takes a few hours to get used to within the cab, they’ve all found the MF 5440 simple to learn and easy to use.


Massey Ferguson Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre

This month we thought we would fill you guys in on the latest machines from Massey Ferguson. Aaron, Peter and John have just got back from Melbourne where they visited the next generation from Massey Ferguson Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. On display was some of latest and greatest equipment and there was certainly some machines that appealed to the guys.

The new 4700 series machine that comes in both 70 and 80 hp is certainly one to look out for. Offered initially as a ROPS tractor it has a couple of transmission options with AGCO brining in the 12x12 power shuttle option as our standard machine.

Also on display was the new Telehandler. This certainly looks like a machine that will fit in well in New Zealand. With the award winning cab and superior features over the opposition this will certainly be a strong market contender.

Another machine that the boys checked out was the new 2200 series big square baler. With some great new features over and above the 2100 series plus a new paint scheme this machine certainly looks the part. TRC have just had there first one arrive and are currently completing the pre delivery inspection on it. They are certainly looking forward to getting this machine out in the field an seeing it at work just as keen as the new owner is.

The boys took plenty of photos so have a look at we will keep you posted when they arrive into the country.

farm vehicle
farm vehicle

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